Can life stop being full of anxiety and worry please?

These seem to be the symptoms of daily life now and I’m thinking life should not be like this at all. We should not be living like this, society has become to stressful from the ground up all because of profit and commerce. It’s proven that people spend more money when stressed so we are hit from every angle by daily stresses every single day. Even when I’m sitting at home with absolutely nothing to do I am stresses about it, I’m worried I will never find another girlfriend, I’m worried I will never get a job I don’t hate, I’m worried about mine and my families health, I’m worried I will never find happiness. I’m worried I’m going to die

I am not living life properly if I am thinking like this all the time but I can’t seem to get out of the habit. I’m like I want to move forward and do something else with life but then I’m like oh no I’m worried my panic attacks will kick in again and I will be left alone living in my bed staring at the ceiling because I cannot muster up the energy to connect with anybody again…

I’m always searching for solutions. Medication seems to numb the symptoms a bit, therapy gets a few things out of mind but at the core I’m still a anxious person and still want to hide away from it all….

I guess this is just life now, we always have the option to change a certain aspect of our life but we can’t change external things so for now I will keep working on myself

Thanks for reading

The quiet writer

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