A broken heart, a broken mind and a broken life but it’s got to get better right?

To be honest I actually think a broken heart never completely heals, the pain is always there in some form or another, it just gets a bit less over time I guess. But every time I think about my breakup I feel bursts of anger flow through my body and I have to quickly find distractions to try and make myself feel better again, maybe that means I have not completely got over it but I think it means I cannot make sense of it at all and I get angry because I still want to do something about it but I cannot, that ship has long sailed, going back to it will just cause me more pain and more heartache so I know it’s best to leave it but at the same time a part of me wants that love and happiness we did share back.

So a broken heart can literally ruin your whole life as you no longer see the point I doing anything. I know it absolutely sucks and feels like your world has ended and you know what it is going to feel like this for some time perhaps until somebody else comes along and fills that gaping hole that has been left behind. But until then we gotta shift our focus to ourselves and taking care of ourselves, it’s time to work on you for you, the only way is up from you. Possibly the next worst thing after illness and death is a breakup and we have survived it and lived through it that’s pretty cool right? It proves how strong we are and you did well getting a relationship in the first place which proves you can get another one maybe even a better one. There can be better days ahead we have just got to live them and see what happens

Thanks for reading

The quiet writer

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